Curly-Haired Elder Packer gets a seeing-to from Daddy President Lee!

We saw gorgeous little curly-haired Elder Packer in the last post from the Missionary Boys site, and I couldn’t wait to see him back in action again. If you didn’t check out that orgy session you need to click here before enjoying this one, but you’re gonna be cumming to one or the other either way. 🙂

Handsome daddy President Lee can’t resist hot little Elder Packer


If you’re still not familiar with the videos they deliver on the site you really need to catch up, it’s one of the most innovative yet simple themes I think I’ve ever seen, and they do it so well! They have some of the most gorgeous young twinky guys getting it on with some real hunky older men, and I know a lot of you are definitely into that. Why wouldn’t you be? Just look at some of these pics and tell me it’s not awesome.

Curly-haired Elder Packer is fast approaching Ordination after a long period of learning everything there is to learn within the religious order. He’s had a lot of fun along the way, but that adventure hasn’t ended quite yet. He has a meeting with President Lee, and the big older man clearly can’t resist giving the younger guy a final once-over.

It starts out sensual enough, but as clothes come off and cocks are revealed the fun really picks up speed. Elder Packer has a stunning dick, and President Lee makes sure he gets plenty of precum from it while he sucks the boy and fingers his hole, taking some time to lick him out before easing his big bare daddy cock into him.

I honestly don’t know which of these two I would rather be. I love them both for the opposite reasons. Packer is so sweet and smooth, and with a stunning cock too, but big man Lee is so butch and masculine and he knows how to use that naked cock in a guy’s ass!

Fuck it, just throw me in as a third party and I’ll do whatever either of these guys wants! lol

Check out some pics, click through for the video and get a discount membership, and if you haven’t check out the Missionary Boys review yet I would definitely recommend it.

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