Every Bottom Loves those Thick Dicks!

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Girthy tools can really stretch your ass

So we’re mixing things up a little here on the blog and instead of giving you the Weekly NakedSword Workout every Friday we’re gonna be throwing in awesome new releases from the site when there’s something special to share. It’s gonna happen a lot, so expect to see quite a bit of hardcore gay porn arriving! I’m kicking it off with this new release on the site, one for all the lovers of thick man meat (which is all of us, right?)

NakedSword New Release “Thick Dicks”

Click to watch Thick Dicks
Girthy tools can really stretch your ass

Full cast list: Atlas Grant, Bishop Angus, Gabriel Divo, Kyle Prince, Scott Riley, Silver Steele, Tyler Reed

Studio: RawJOXXX, Alpha One Media

You might not be too surprised to know that I’ve had some experience with thick cocks. I don’t mean to brag, but one of the first guys I ever fooled around with was a man in his late 30’s who had one of the fattest cocks I have ever encountered. It’s probably lucky for me that he wasn’t into fucking guys. He just liked to suck dick, swap handjobs, and shoot off some loads with other dudes. I struggled to suck his but it was a lot of fun.

The men in this smattering of thick-dicked action aren’t just about cock play, they love some good anal ramming too. We get four scenes of manly goodness in this one. With dudes like Atlas Grant and Bishop Angus getting down and dirty in bareback scenes, but there’s plenty of foreplay thrown in too.

My appreciation for hairy bearish muscle guys has really grown a lot over the last few months. This movie has definitely encouraged that fact. The scene with Atlas Grant and Gabriel Divo was especially hot for me. Even though hairy backs used to be a total turn-off for me. Fuck knows what happened, but I’ll probably be back for more of these movies.


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