Ignac Dlouhy gets his First Gay Massage!

I would last about three minutes here

I say this is his first gay massage but Ignac Dlouhy is bisexual so maybe he’s been edged and pleasured like this before? I doubt it, I have to say. I’ve met plenty of guys in my life who seem to have no clue what foreplay is and I’m guessing a bi guy might be even less informed than they were. Either way, this upcoming shoot is gonna be a good one if these pics are any indication – which of course they are.

William Higgins – First Gay Massage

This isn’t going to be a regular massage!

Yes, I’ve decided to rate it highly already, because from the photos of this guy and the action he gets I know it’s gonna be worth watching. I can always come back and adjust this score in the future.

We know a little about him and his big uncut cock already, he’s been in a few videos and photoshoots but the most recent one was perhaps the most impressive. They had a Wank Party shoot released on the site this month and his gorgeous cock played a very prominent role in that orgy. If you haven’t seen that you really should go and check it out.

So, if you’re not familiar with their massage videos there are a few things you need to know. These aren’t hasty hand jobs, they’re proper full-on massage sessions with a whole lot of cock and ass play. As you can see from the pics Ignac gets a total experience from the mystery masseur in this video.

There are a few other sites out there doing the whole gay massage thing. However, I believe William Higgins is probably the best at it.

By the looks of things, Ignac gets a real good milking from his new friend, with a sex toy going deep in his hole. That shouldn’t be such a surprise. He did take some amazing DP fucking from a couple of the muscle boys in that recent orgy. See, you REALLY do need to go and watch that one! 🙂

Check out some pics, be ready for a great massage session. Let me know in the comments if you would rather be Ignac or the dude working him over. I genuinely don’t know which role I would pick for this one.

Peeking at that butt
A little fun for all the foot fetishists, I see you guys!
Oiled up and ready to go
I would last about three minutes here
A deep probing!
He recently took two big bare cocks in that butt hole.

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