The Big Dong Of Hung Young Stud Nico Vegas!

We’ve seen this super sexy, hung young stud a few times now, but I think we needed a special post just for him. Are we pandering? Maybe. He deserves it, though.

Jawked: Nico Vegas

When this smooth, sexy, lanky, horny young man arrived for his first solo video at Jawked, I knew he would be a great performer to follow.

And it’s not just because 23-year-old Nico Vegas has a cock we would all love to slurp and bounce on!

Some guys just have a natural performer attitude and the way he delivered that very first dick-stroking session showed he was more than ready for the big leagues.

It helps that this hung young stud happens to be gorgeous, too. He’s smooth and sporty without being too muscled. He’s got the most lovely blue eyes. His hairless ass and plump balls are worthy of a tongue bath!

Everything about that first solo got me wanting more.

Some guys just grab their cock and wank one out without doing much for the audience, but others really know how to play for the cameras. This boy knows!

He’s the kind of guy who watches gay porn and knows what he likes to see, so he’s not gonna just sit there and rub his dong to get that load splashing.

I might be bragging, but I was right about this guy. I could tell he would be a popular guy from the moment he got naked.

Since that first solo at Jawked back in June 2022, he’s been in eleven great bareback gay porn videos, being both bottom and top. He’s delivered a passionate, cummy, super-hot play session in every single one.

He’s not just appeared there, either. We’ve seen him putting that long cock and tight ass to great use at BoyFun, too.

They probably thought he was more of a twink than a jock, but I beg to differ.

Not just a Hung Young Stud top

His versatile nature definitely makes him more of an asset for a studio. A lot of guys pick either top or bottom, and that means their work is going to be limited to one side, but Nico is happy to pound a good butt or ride a big cock.

That 7.5-inch uncut dick is definitely able to deliver a thorough ramming to whoever wants to slide down and enjoy a ride!

I was looking through some of his videos to try and pick a favorite. I have to admit it’s not an easy task.

The sight of the hung young stud being rammed by gorgeous Florian Mraz stands out as a highlight.

Hung Gay Guys

Super hot bareback fucker Florian Mraz works up a sweat-pounding Nico’s tight raw hole while jacking his long uncut cock.

Hung Gay Anal

Nico turns to topping with sporty hunk buddy Dann Grey in this raw ramming session, starting in the kitchen before they head to the shower.

Seeing the hung stud putting that long dick to good use in Dann Grey’s jock hole was just as awesome.

I would recommend checking out both hung stud gay videos, of course.

As for what we can expect from his hung young stud in the future, I’m reliably told there’s plenty more of him to come. Or should I say cum? 😉

Enjoy some of his pics. Then click here to see the hung young stud having a great time in all his gay porn videos.

You might want to take a look at my Jawked review. There’s a hell of a lot to watch there, and my review will give you the rundown.

Young Hung Stud Nico Vegas

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