WTF! Why Are These Gay Outdoor Games Shot Mostly Indoors?

I almost had a whole post about gay outdoor sex ready to write. Then I realized that only one of these scenes playing at TLA Gay Unlimited is shot outdoors.

Euro Twink: Outdoor Games

Cast list: Not listed

Studio: Euro Twink

Before I get into the action I need to complain to the manager, call me Karen if you must.

This movie is billed as “Outdoor Games,” but only one of the scenes is filmed outdoors!

I almost didn’t post it here because I thought the title was so ridiculously incorrect, but then I saw the guys involved and knew it was still hot enough for you to check out.

My second complaint is that the studio is “Euro Twinks.” How many twinks do you see in these gay outdoor porn pics?

Seriously, I want to know because I would consider almost all of these buff young men to be jocks.

Am I just out of touch, or is all of this mislabeled? I’m genuinely wondering if they put the wrong scenes in the wrong package, and somewhere else, there’s a completely different collection of actual gay outdoor action called something completely wrong. lol

So this “gay outdoor” movie is now available to stream at TLA Gay Unlimited, and even though it’s not really an outdoor movie, it’s all worth watching.

We get four scenes of hardcore bareback fun between some very hot, young, uncut guys in this release.

It’s an hour and forty minutes of big dicks being wanked, sucked, holes licked, and butts fucked, with some great threesome action, too.

The only actual outdoor action is in scene two, with a trio of buff young guys getting naked in the sun and having an awesome time swapping their dicks and working each other up to some big loads.

I really don’t know what happened here that made them think they could call this Outdoor Games, so let me know in the comments what you think the deal is. Do titles not matter anymore? lol

Enjoy some pics, and click here to hit play. Even if it is incorrectly titled, it’s still a good collection of hardcore scenes.

Click here for my TLA Gay Unlimited review if you need more convincing to join. Thousands of movies are ready for you to stream. You’re gonna love it!

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