Straight buddies William Steele and Groovy Dave share a toy!

two straight friends jacking off
A little side-eye cock watching between str8 buddies

So, a couple of weeks back we got to see straight boys William Steele and Groovy Dave getting their dicks out and having a little wanking fun together. Like straight boys often do (before you ask, all my fantasies about straight guys start like that), I wondered then if maybe this scene was leading to something. Well, they’ve been back for another good session of cock stroking, and this time they’re sharing a toy! Are we gonna see these straight buddies sucking dick at Zack Randall in the future?

Straight buddies William Steele and Groovy Dave
Straight buddies William Steele and Groovy Dave are back to cum over a toy

You know I have a few friends in the business, so I do get a little bit of a heads-up now and then. I actually asked one of my buddies this morning if they know anything about these two friends doing more than jacking off. Basically just got a line of wink and eggplant emojis back. Quite frankly, this is the most frustrating thing to happen to me this week. Does that mean they are ready to suck dick? Or that the guys at Zack Randall are trying to get them into it? I don’t know. However, after watching the two in this video I think it’s likely they’re gonna be going further than some innocent stroking soon.

The guys are really chilled out with each other in this video, showing off their hard cocks, checking each other out, giving it some side-eye, and watching their buddy’s meat in action while they fuck the toy between them. It’s just good, clean fun between a couple of horny friends, and I’m here for it.

I would say they could have done a little better with the choice of toy, but you can’t have everything. Personally, I would have encouraged a little more contact between Groovy Dave and William Steele. Perhaps by giving them an open-ended sleeve to both use at once, maybe some frotting inside a toy would have moved things along a little more.

Both guys are pretty damn hot, and they’ve got great dicks too. The straight buddies deliver some good loads at the end of this one. As gay porn fans, we’re all just desperate to see them at least reach over and lend their buddy a hand, right? Maybe that’s what’s coming next? They’re well-known for getting lads to try new things on the site.

Yes, it’s time for another fapping gif!

Check out some pics, and read our Zack Randall review too if you need to know more about his content. In fact, we will make it easy for you now. Click Here to view our entire Zack Randall studio collection! 🙂

two straight friends jacking off
A little side-eye cock watching between str8 buddies
William Steele fucking a toy
You want to be that toy, right?
straight friends watch porn and jack off
A little porn to watch is a good excuse
mutual masturbation
I want to be there to service both William and Groovy Dave!
two straight guys cocks out in a jack off
A little cock comparison, who is your fave?
Straight buddies William Steele and Groovy Dave cumming together
Getting those straight buddies cum loads ready

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