Happy Friday! What have you been up to this week? I assume you’ve probably been checking out all the NakedSword movies I recommended to you last week, right? Well, if you disobeyed my instruction and failed to do that, I think this collection of new releases on the site will include at least one reason for you to go and check it out. Sit back, maybe get your dick out, and enjoy my little review of some of the best new releases. That’s an order!

NakedSword New Gay Porn Additions

JOE GAGE CUM TOO (01:57) Click to watch

Joe Gage cum too DVD
Packed full of creamy goodness

I think you guys already know that I am a massive Joe Gage fan. Honestly, when it comes to memorable gay porn from the last twenty years almost every movie directed by him has been worth seeing. If you’re not sure if you’ve watched any Joe Gage scenes, first of all, you absolutely have, and second, you can usually recognize them for the rugged and horny men and blue-collar themes, along with the ten-minute lustful stares before the guys start sucking and fucking. Honestly, it’s damn hot, so it should be no surprise that CUM TOO is on my list of recommendations. As you might expect, this is all about the jizz explosions from their massive collection of movies.

There are 75 cum splashing moments in this extravaganza of nut spewing action. With cock after cock firing off ropes of the warm cream into open mouths, over faces, in the air, or anywhere else these guys can fund to bust. There’s no hope of listing the men involved in this release. Rest assured you’ll see plenty of familiar faces, gay guys, straight men, rugged hunks, and handsome lads. If you’re a cum fan (we all are!) then you need to check this one out.

THE BEST OF RICHARD LOCKE (01:38) Click to watch

The Best Of Richard Locke dvd
For fans of bearded daddies

It’s great having so much awesome action being produced today. No doubt the gay porn business is thousands of times larger than it was back when Richard Locke was sharing his cock with the world. There’s something awesome about being able to look back and enjoy the classics from an era before the internet, digital film, and the thousands of porn stars out there today. I actually didn’t know a lot about this man, but it turns out I’ve seen quite a few of his scenes from back in the day. Yes, I’m a total fanboy for grainy old videos of hot guys cumming together.

You get plenty of that in this movie from Bijou Gay Classics, but you’d expect to consider it’s the best of the man. There are ten really great scenes in this one, seemingly all shot back in the ’70s or early ’80s, and every one of them is worth a cum load. If we’re gonna talk about value for money, this one release alone will keep you busy for a while, depending on how often you jack off (ten times in one day, maybe? lol) Click the link above or the cover to the left.

LOAD IT UP (01:55) Click to watch

load it up DVD
Bareback European boys get crazy!

Every time I find myself writing about European gay porn I feel like weeping just a little at the thought that soon the UK might not be a part of this family. Don’t ask me what’s going on with Brexit, because I have no desire to know, all I do know is that it’s going to take boys like these away from us and that makes me damn sad. This release by Bareback Inc. is packed with stunning young twinks with big uncut cocks and a whole lot of creamy juice to share with us and each other in six scenes of raw-assed action. These lads really are gorgeous, and they have some amazing dicks to share too.

The cover of this DVD really doesn’t do it justice and you need to click it to go and check out just how adorable some of these guys are, and how dirty they can be. I don’t have any names to share with you for this one. Nonetheless, I can tell you some of these lads are familiar to me and I think they’ve appeared for some of the biggest Euro gay studios in the world. As you can probably guess, you’ll be seeing a whole lot of twink sucking, wanking, rimming, fucking and cumming, what more could a guy ask for?

JONAH FONTANA (01:04) Click to watch

Jonah Fontana Gang Bang
Jonah Fontana can’t get enough anal pounding!

Why is it that so many big and mean-looking muscle dudes are such slutty bottoms who like being dominated and totally owned? I’ve met a few guys like Jonah Fontana. They go straight from the gym, looking like massive muscular hunks of men to sitting on a fat cock while ten other guys feed them their dicks. Yes, I have been one of those ten guys and I ain’t ashamed to admit it. In this awesome two-scene release from Dark Alley Media and Raw Fuck Club the handsome brute of a man is taking on six raw cocks, and a whole lot of anal punishment.

It’s not for the weak, there’s some fisting of his hairy hole in this one too. Nevertheless, all the fucking and sucking he endures is what this is really all about in my opinion. He’s a sexy man with an awesome body and the kind of lust for cock I wish I could embody. There’s no way I would survive all these dicks working me over. Marvel at his greediness, and be ready to shoot off a mess with these guys by the end of it!

Weekly NakedSword Finale

That’s not all they’ve released this week, of course, there’s plenty more to check out besides these updates and thousands of full movies to stream. If I had to pick one of these to demand that you watch, I would suggest The Best of Richard Locke. If you (somehow) still don’t know what you get as a member there, you should check out our NakedSword Review.

Well, that’s all from me. If you need more reviews then check out last week’s post, there are some real gems in that one too. 🙂

Have a great Friday!

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