The Time Male Model Benjamin Godfre got Caught Jacking Off on Cam!

Benjamin Godfre naked and hard
Male model Benjamin Godfre isn't shy

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! Of course, we don’t celebrate that here in the good ole UK. Nonetheless, but I’m more than prepared to crack open a beer later and celebrate your holiday with you! Especially while we all fap to hunk Benjamin Godre! 😉 I’m old enough to remember when it was considered scandalous for a celebrity to be caught with their cock out. Thankfully things have changed a lot since those tabloid hit-pieces of the ’80s and ’90s. These days it’s almost a right of passage for an actor or model to get “caught out,” or even just fake it for the attention. When it comes to handsome model Benjamin Godfre I don’t think it was intentional. Nevertheless, it definitely marked a career change for the handsome guy.

Benjamin Godfre Naked

Benjamin Godfre naked and hard
Male model Benjamin Godfre isn’t shy

Benjamin was always a hot dude and seemed to have that spark of horniness about him that suggested he might just pose naked one day. However, unless I’m mistaken it was actually someone identifying him from a jerk off video that led to him being so revealing and becoming the sexual adventurer we now know him to be.

You might not know or might not remember. There was a time not so long ago when a jack off video could get a lot of attention out there just for featuring a nice cock or cum shot. It was probably just before there were hundreds of thousands of hot guys around the world making a living on cam.

Benjamin never showed his face in those early videos. Yet, eagle-eyed viewers noticed the very distinctive birthmark and combined that with a couple of other clues, and before long he was kind of “outed.”

While a lot of guys might run and hide after something like that Benjamin Godfre embraced it. Pretty soon it seemed he was getting his cock out every chance he could. It became apparent that he’s something of a dedicated masturbator. Read that chilled out about showing it all off and just having a good time.

While some male models might worry about losing work after something like that. It seems that it all happened to Godfre at the right time and changing attitudes. This meant that instead of losing work he was being photographed by some real creatives who didn’t shy away from being more risque. Something he was apparently down for.

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