It’s Friday! I’m so happy about it I could do cartwheels through the office, but I won’t because that would be hella weird. As it’s the end of the week you could have predicted that I’d have a smattering of hardcore releases for you to check out over at NakedSword, and it’s a pretty good collection too! It’s always good, but there are some real gems in the mix this time. If you haven’t checked out our NakedSword Review yet, go and do that asap.

FRESHMAN GET BLOWN 4 (01:15) click to watch

Jocks get head from a dude for the first time

Last week I kicked things off with some dudes in uniform, confessing that it’s one of my little fetishes. Well, another one of my fetishes is all-American college dudes, so you can imagine why I think the Corbyn Fisher studio is one of the absolute best. I guess it’s because I’m a typical Brit guy and we have certain ideas about what American men are like, but when I see a collection of scenes like this one I imagine hot wrestler jocks in dorms all over America are greedily gobbling on each other’s boners. That’s what you get with this release, four scenes of delicious dick sucking as new arrivals experience their first head from another guy and get their meat worshiped by a pro. These guys might not be used to having another dude sucking their meat but they soon discover just how good it feels to shoot off a load after being licked and slurped. If they ever need a British guy to do this job I hope they’ll call me, I’d do it for free if they just wanna pay for my flight over there! Click the link above or the DVD cover to go and check it out, it’s perfect for fans of cock sucking, cum loads, straight guys and jocks – which is all of us!

BUSINESS AFFAIRS (01:39) click to watch

Professional men love a hard cock

Do you remember your first boss? I think it’s like fucking, everyone remembers their first, right? My first boss was a factory manager, a dude in his 30’s, built like a Greek God and with an 8-inch uncut cock. You’re wondering how I know how big his cock was, right? It’s because he had a habit of flashing it at the urinals. I was too stupid to take him up on the obvious offer back then, but I do think about that a lot. If you’re a fan of daddies, professional men, hardcore fucking and great cum loads then you should be checking out this release from Pantheon Productions. You get five scenes of business-themed action in this one, with big powerful hunks stripping out of suits and making special deals away from the office, sucking on big juicy dongs and ramming their dicks into each other. These DILF’s are hungry for it, eating ass and swallowing pole, jabbing butts and shooting off big loads together, the kind of thing you imagine goes on in the secretive private meetings in high-rise offices all over the world. There’s a bunch of great guys in this one, but I’ll just mention Hans Berlin, Jack Dyer, Michael Roman, Peter Rough and Trace O’Malley, because I think some of you will know those guys and probably want to go and see them in action.

MR. HARRINGTON’S BIG DICK (01:57) click to watch

Mr. Luke Harrington meets some eager dudes

Is it bad that I had no idea who Mr. Luke Harrington was before I found this movie and clicked on it? I’m definitely glad I found it, it’s a damn hot collection of scenes with a big-dicked daddy dude sharing his cock with a whole gang of horny fuckers who just can’t seem to get enough of him. You get five scenes in this release from USAJOCK/Alpha One Media, with performers like Aaron Burke, Alessio Romero and Travis Saint teaming up with the big guy to enjoy some awesome action. I actually don’t know just how big that cock of his is, but I can tell you that the guys he meets really need it, badly. If you’re a fan of rough and ready bareback action where the guys seem sluttier than you are (and you really are) then you’re gonna want to see them deepthroating that tool and taking a pounding in the butt from this big guy. I still don’t know why I haven’t seen him before, but now I know his immense piece of manly fuckmeat exists I think I’m gonna be checking out other movies he’s been in 🙂

HOME & HORNY (01:24) click to watch

Horned-up home bodies

I always have to throw at least one lame dick into the mix, right? Don’t get me wrong, “Home & Horny” is still worth watching, but out of my final diverse selection from this weak it’s definitely the least impressive from a directing and thematic point of view. Yes, this is one of those releases from the Skyn Men studio where they’re just gathered together a bunch of existing scenes and desperately searched for a tenuous link to package them together, in this case that link is that they’re… at home. I know, so kinky and unusual! lol In all seriousness, even though this is some real lame ass theming the guys are pretty damn good and those dicks are big and tasty looking. There are four scenes of bareback action between guys like Braxton Smith and Saxon West, Brett Bradley and Dek Reckless, but only one slightly interesting setting of the shower in one of them. This isn’t one of those movies that you’ll add to any list (like I just have, I guess) but there are a couple of scenes here that I know will get a few of you pumping cum. Check it out and let me know in the comments what you think.

I was thinking that when I compile these lists I should probably say which of these I think wins the title of the best of the week, and at the moment I’m gonna say it’s Freshman Get Blown 4. I love daddies and rough and raw action, but seeing fit jocks getting their cocks sucked by other fit jocks is like crack to me. Do you disagree? Leave a comment and let me know. You should also join the NEWSLETTER if you want to know about some special deals we might have coming up soon! If you haven’t read the NakedSword Review yet you should probably check that out.

That’s it, sod off and have a great Friday night, go get laid!

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