I was looking through the last few days at NakedSword this morning and it seems they’ve had quite the interesting week! There’s plenty of awesome action of all kinds and I actually had a tougher time than usual picking out the cream of the crop for this weekly update. But, I endured (such a hard life watching so much porn! lol) and I think I’ve got a damn good smattering of sex for you to check out this weekend. Don’t forget to visit the NakedSword website Review page if you haven’t read that yet, you really should. Now, on to the porn!

THE LOCKER ROOM (01:07) click to watch

Click to watch The Locker Room gay porn movie
Hands up if you’re always hard in the locker room

You know those Vegans who insist on telling everyone about their diet? I’m kinda like that with working out, I have to announce it regularly because you can’t tell just to look at me. I guess that probably means I’m doing it wrong. To be honest, it’s mostly about hooking up, and the locker room environment with the buddies I work out with. That’s why I’m attracted to porn like “The Locker Room” from Alphamales Studio and Eurocreme Group. I probably don’t need to tell you a whole lot about this DVD, you can tell it’s gonna be sporty, with jock straps, filmed in a locker room set (not a great one, I have to say) and with some damn fine looking men. If you enjoy hunks sharing their cocks in such an environment then you need to take a look. It’s starring Alessandro Del Toro, Bruno Fox, Craig Daniels, Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf and Nick North, I know you know a few of those names! You get four scenes of jocks and daddies sucking cock, licking out sweaty holes and pounding each other with their hard tools in this hour-long session, and it’s probably one you’re gonna want to watch more than once. Click the cover or the link next to the title to head over there.

ITALIAN FOR THE BEGINNER (01:19) click to watch

Click to watch Italian for the beginner gay porn movie
The language of lust?

Unlike a lot of DVD’s these days, this one actually has a story, and one that I think a lot of you guys are going to enjoy. Director Lucas Kazan is responsible for this (Lucas Kazan Productions), so you already know it’s going to star a bunch of gorgeous young muscle men with raging cocks, hungry mouths and smooth butts. You know how you can sometimes tell who is behind a production just because of how the models look? This is one of those. You know you’re getting top quality hunks and amazing sex when Kazan is behind it all. Gorgeous Mathieu Laffite stars in all but one of the four hardcore scenes in this coming-of-age tale, the student sent to Italy to learn the language and study photography, but soon being sidetracked by his discovery of handsome buff men with rock hard cocks to share. He’s joined by several equally stunning hunks, like Matthias Vannelli, Roberto Giorgio and Giorgio Salieri. I was going to try to pick a fave scene out of this one, but it’s all too ridiculously hot for me to do that. Just go and watch it already 🙂

ELDER LAND CHAPTERS 6 – 10 (02:46) click to watch

Click to watch Elder Land gay porn movie at Naked Sword
Have faith in cock

If you haven’t read our review of the Missionary Boys website yet, you should check that out too. To be honest, I would probably sign up directly at the MissionaryBoys website rather than joining NakedSword just for this movie, as I believe all the scenes featuring Elder Land can be found on the site (with hundreds more), but then you get thousands of other DVD’s at NS too, so… As you can imagine, this movie is all about the gorgeous young Elder Land, a fit and smooth boy being educated in the ways of his faith by some very eager older men who know what they’re doing. Yeah, it’s a little kinky, and at times a little odd too, but it’s damn hot to see such gorgeous lads like Elder Land sucking cock, being serviced, edged, and fucked. You get 6 scenes in this one, each as good as the others and guaranteed to get you gushing cum if you like seeing young guys being owned by older men – and that’s really what this whole theme is about. Kristofer Weston, Logan Cross and Peter Marcus also feature.

RAW & UNCUT (01:56) click to watch

Click to watch Raw & Uncut gay porn movie at NakedSword
Bare and natural

I do like when a movie just tells you what you can expect right from the start. Obviously, this feature from USAJOCK and Alpha One Media is all about uncut dick and raw fucking, and if you love foreskin on a good dick as much as I do then I think you’re gonna want to see this one. It’s actually mostly about cover hunk Gabriel Fisk, who appears in four of the five scenes you get with this one being serviced by various other hunks, before a final scene that he’s not in. I guess this is one of those compilations where they wanted to make something hot with foreskin and he was one of the only guys they had? lol He’s joined by Aarin Asker, Damian Brooks Daxton Ryker and Russ Magnus. It’s dirty, hot, masculine and hardcore, as you’d probably expect from a movie with a big muscled hunk like that on the front of it. I would recommend checking it out, these scenes actually made me want to see other videos Gabriel in them.

So, there you have it guys, another hot collection of recommendations from the NakedSword site this should keep your hands busy for a while at least! If you check out any of these let me know what you thought of them in the comments. I’d really like to know how you’d rate them. If you’re one of the few guys who still hasn’t signed up there to watch all these awesome hardcore scenes then you should read our NakedSword Website Review, that should persuade you. 🙂

Have a fantastic Friday!

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