I’m a pretty honest guy who tends to say things he probably shouldn’t say. But I need to tell you that it’s so hot here, right now I’m sitting at my desk in my office in nothing but a jock strap. I hope that gives you some nice imagery! If the thought of my hot nuts sagging in this heat doesn’t do it for you, these new releases over at NakedSword should. As always, we’ve got a pretty good collection of awesome movies for you to check out, and if you’re not a member there yet you should probably read our NakedSword website Review to find out what you’re missing. Now that you’re picturing me in my jock, let’s get on with the DVD’s!

DUAL: TAKING IT LIKE A MAN (01:50) click to watch

Click to watch Dual: Taking It like A Man DVD
So much muscle and cock!

Do you even lift, bro? I don’t, but I do attempt to work out a couple of times a week and I’m more than a little familiar with the kinds of men you’ll see in DUAL: Taking It Like A Man from the awesome COLT studio. As you can see from the cover of this movie, this is all about the biggest and buffest hunks with masses of testosterone coursing through their bodies and masses of cum in their balls needing to be splashed, and they turn to each other to get the job done! I’ve met guys like these, you think they’re all about the pussy and they act like they’re as straight as can be, but their appreciation for muscle soon turns to appreciation of each other’s cocks when they get the opportunity. Do I sound like I have experience? Good, I do! Carlo Masi, Chris Wide, Gage Weston, Jake Andrews, Karim, Luke Garrett and Skye Woods are getting it on in these four scenes of hardcore muscle-loving action, with a whole lot of worship, dick slurping, ass slamming and cum spewing to get you off with them. If you like muscle men, this one should definitely be on your list.

THE PLEDGE (02:14) click to watch

Frat cocks demand servicing

I’m British, and you might not know that we don’t have the whole Fraternity thing here in the UK, regrettably. Although I kinda want to think this American social tradition is a little sinister (like secret societies and all that stuff, freaks me out). I have to admit that the stereotypical frathouse fantasies have long been a part of my wanking habits, just like American military guys, blue collar dudes and country boys. Seeing movies like this one from legendary directors Chi Chi LaRue and Tony Dimarco only makes that more true. This full-length movie is all about what we imagine happens in fraternities when young men are vying for power and status, and using each other to get off! Brandon Wilde, Colton Reece, Devin Franco, Nic Sahara, Steven Lee, Trevor Miller, Tristan Hunter, Tyson Rush and Zak Bishop star in this awesome movie with five scenes of hardcore sucking and fucking, starting out with some threesome action before going into some great duos and ending with an amazing orgy. If I were to have one complaint it would be that these guys are a little too inked to be convincing as “frat boys.” Maybe, I’m wrong about that? It’s still an amazing movie and well worth watching, there’s a lot of collegiate cock and spooge being splashed in this bareback action-packed movie, and a bit of a story too, which makes a nice change!

SWALLOW MY SEED (01:55) click to watch

Thirsty guys can’t get enough spooge!

I think a few of you will be familiar with a couple of the greediest cum guzzlers in the gay porn business, but have you ever seen gorgeous little Josh Myers? I think he might be taking over in this niche, after seeing him getting so much fresh cream from so many hard cocks in this amazing movie from Cum Pig Men I can imagine a lot of guys will be lining up to have their load sucked out of them by this young man. Filmed at the Aragon Inn in Florida ten horny guys are brought in to be serviced and slurped by the greedy guy, their cocks well and truly drained of juice by the end of it. I’m not gonna list all the men and boys bringing their milk to the yard, but a few stand out like cutie Jason Creed and thick-dicked Jake Lyons. If you’re a fan of great cum shots, greedy boys, hot jocks and meaty cocks, you’ll probably want to check out how this one goes and see this boy getting his greedy needs satisfied. Now I feel as though I should know more about this Inn, maybe I should book a vacation in Florida?

FULLY LOADED (01:11) click to watch

Filling his hole with seed!

I think this is one of those instances where I probably wouldn’t need to tell you a whole lot about what to expect from this movie. The cover and title explain it all, but for those who might need a little elaboration… Dark Alley Media and Raw Fuck Club are responsible for this anal breeding orgy with total slut Sean Harding taking 8 fully loaded cocks on in one of the horniest and gooiest gang bang sessions you’re likely to see this month. There are a lot of great gang bang movies out there, but no one does it like these guys. If you’re a slutty bottom you’ll love watching this and imagining it’s you taking on all those cocks and getting those fresh loads, and if you’re a top you’ll be wondering what it would be like to go after your buddies and slide into that wet hole for sloppy fucking. It’s sweaty, dirty, damn horny and totally drenched in man milk, but that’s what you’d expect from a raw seeding gang bang from these guys. You get some bonus action in this one too, but I’ll let you discover that for yourself, it’s almost as good as the gang bang you’re downloading it for!

There were a few other awesome movies I could have listed, DVD’s that dropped this past week and deserve to be watched, but if I reviewed them all then this would be a really long post and you would all be bored to tears by the end of it. Make sure you click through to the NakedSword site to check it all out for yourselves, and read our NakedSword Website Review if you haven’t already, it’ll have you signing up!

Have a great Friday, let me know in the comments if you watch any of these movies over the weekend, I would love to know what you thought.

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