Getting a little weird in Strange Places, Strange Things DVD from TLA

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This ain't your usual porn

*In the voice of a TV infomercial* Are you bored of the same old porn? Sick and tired of seeing handsome jocks sucking cocks, fucking ass and cumming on each other surrounded by the same plywood sets? Well you’re in luck! Introducing the old Bijou Classics Strange Places, Strange Things, where guys do interesting things in interesting locales! *end TV infomercial voice*

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This ain’t your usual porn

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Full cast list: David Ashfield, Derrick Stanton, Ivan (II), Melchor, Michael Charles, Rydar Hanson, Scott Taylor, Tony Kennedy

Studio: Bijou Classics

I guess it’s probably true that the sheer amount of porn going to the biggest audience it’s ever had means that the quality and originality has declined. It’s inevitable, right? The industry ballooned with the rollout of the Internet and so much has been produced that literally every idea has been done and now we’re left with mostly the same themes in the same sets and with the same story-lines – if there’s any story at all.

But, that’s why I think there’s been such a resurgence in the classic hardcore gay porn from studios like Bijou. We like seeing how things were done back then, and it makes us feel like there’s still something to discover.

There’s definitely a lot to discover in Strange Places, Strange Things.

There are four scenes in this release from 1985, and it’s not like anything you will have seen in the last decade. We have cock pumping self-suckers, guys fucking on a window cleaner gantry (with a really bad fake set, it has to be said, lol), jocks boning in the doctor’s office and a couple of guys banging on a building site set too!

I don’t want to slam modern porn, really I don’t, I love watching porn and the sites we show here are all awesome in their own way, but you have to admit that the themes and settings for a lot of it these days are the same and quite boring.

I long to see a good video of a couple of guys sucking the cum out of each other in a maintenance room, or jacking off together over the side of a ship, or fucking each other’s brains out on a rooftop… why aren’t more studios filming that kind of themed action these days? I’m guessing it’s cost, as well as laziness.

Anyway, check out this movie, it’s really good and if you like classic action as much as I do you’re gonna want to add it to your collection. There’s a hell of a lot more over at TLA, with plenty of classic releases just as interesting as this one, so make sure you check it out. If you don’t know what they do there read our review of TLA Unlimited.

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