So, we’re at the end of another week. That means I have another awesome collection of gay porn videos to share with you today. There’s plenty here from NakedSword to keep you busy, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t alert you to the fact that there are thousands more to watch there. Before you get into my blurbs and quips (the name of my sex tape) you might want to check out our NakedSword Originals selection in our VOD store. Okay, now into the funzies!

Weekly Workout from NakedSword

NEVER TOO BIG (01:41) Click to watch

never too bug dvd from Big City Video
When you need more than average

I say this a lot, and it sounds less convincing every time, but I am not a “size queen”. Honestly, I’m not, it just so happens that almost every gay porn movie out there really focuses on the big dicks! If all I could buy at the supermarket was beer and chocolate, I’d get damn fat. Never Too Big is released by Big City Video, and I’m guessing it’s pretty old, maybe a decade or two.

It’s packed with big juicy cocks, a whole lot of handsome black men sucking on those poles, and plenty of ass fucking too. I hate to get all “PC” on you in the middle of this, but I do object to their constant use of the term “thug” when describing the guys in this movie. Is it stereotypical? Yes. Does that change the greed we have for those big black cocks? No, absolutely not.

You get five scenes of awesome action in this one, with some great guys gobbling boners and humping black booty before busting out those nuts and making a hot mess of cream. I don’t know any of the guys appearing in this one. I believe they’re basically amateur-level performers so some of you might recognize one or two from other movies in the same theme. If I had to pick one fave scene, it would be scene three. I love the top dude in that one. He reminds me of a buddy I had back in the ’90s. 🙂 Click the link above or the DVD cover to head over there!

BUILT 2 BUTT-FUCK (01:33) Click to watch

Built 2 Butt-Fuck DVD from Butch Dixon
Big dicks on big guys!

Do you remember Butch Dixon? I was a member there years ago when it was one of the best sites for hot and hunky men with some muscle and scruff. They had some awesome straight guys sharing their dicks with other dudes. I think they helped to create more than a few bearish porn stars we know of today. The five scenes you get in Built 2 Butt-Fuck are perfect for those of you who like real rough and rugged men, genuine guys who love to fuck and get off together.

It’s not the kind of highly-polished hardcore you see from all those major studios out there with smooth jocks and skinny twinks. This is real sweaty and slobbery, rough and rugged man fucking and there are some names you might recognize. You’ve all heard of Martin Mazza, and some of you might know Aday Traun and Issac Eliad. If so then you can basically predict what you’re gonna get in these five scenes. I can’t pick a fave in this one. Surprisingly I thought the jack off scene with muscle hunk Big T working his uncut man meat was pretty damn hot to watch.

EROTIC STORIES (01:32) Click to watch

Erotic Stories dvd from Bareback Boy Bangers

So, we’ve had big black dicks, some rough hunky men and now it’s time for a little twinky chaser. I really think you’re gonna love the boys appearing in Erotic Stories. Unlike a lot of other DVD porn movies these days there are actually coherent themes to these five scenes! I like it, I have to say. In the world of mass-produced adult entertainment, it’s rare these days to see any kind of story, and a lot of the time fans probably don’t care one way or the other. However, in this movie, from Bareback Boy Bangers we get little tales to lead into the hardcore twink cock sucking and butt fucking.

There’s a lot of it to enjoy in this movie, with some truly gorgeous young European guys with long and hooded cocks sliding into each other. I counted 12 stars in this release, which works out seeing as there are two threesome scenes to enjoy. In case you didn’t notice it on the cover, these boys all play bareback too. So if that’s something you’re into you might want to check it out. Click above or on the DVD cover to head over there!

MIDTOWN RAW (01:38) Click to watch

Midtown Raw dvd from Skyn Men
Almost like Sex and the City

Any of you who took one of those lame clickbait polls back in the day to find out if you were a Carrie or a Samantha would probably be pissed at me if I start to make jokes about Sex and the City. Nonetheless, Midtown Raw got me thinking about what Aidan Shaw might have really been getting up to with his buddies. Come on, we all watched it for him, right? It’s set in New York City. Although when I say that’s where it’s set there’s really no story to this one despite the title promise. I don’t know how they get away with creating a theme as loosely as this one. But I guess we’re just here to see these city men hooking up and getting their dicks spurting, right?!

The Skyn Men studio is responsible for this collection of four scenes of fucking, each different from the other and with new performers to enjoy. It’s pretty diverse, and that goes for the men and sex as well as the quality. The first scene is promising, set in a bar and with a couple of gruff hunks eating ass, sucking dick, and fucking raw. Then everything else is set in hotel rooms. I guess it’s just cheaper that way, but it doesn’t exactly build a story of any kind. There are a few hunks I’ve heard of in this one, guys like Adam Russo, Bryan Knight, and Tony Bishop. Whether you’re familiar with any of the men or not it’s worth watching just for the great bareback fucking. I wouldn’t claim it’s an amazing movie, but the sex is hot!

NakedSword Weekly Release Summary

Okay my bitches, that’s it for another week. Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen any of these gay porn movies. Plus, what you think of them, or if there are any movies you think I should check out! And as always, don’t forget to check out our totally “forthcumming” NakedSword Review.

Have a great Friday!

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